Do you need a fully qualified, highly experienced and competent Townsville massage therapist specialising in remedial massage and overall musculo-skeletal therapy that really works?


Whether you are a sports or exercise enthusiast, business owner or executive, tradie, fitness or health professional, student, Defence member or partner, miner, pilot, shop assistant, office worker, driver, stay-at-home mum, educator, storeperson, pregnant, politician - anyone.

I can help you by tailoring the massage to your specific needs.

  • Musculo-skeletal therapy covering a range of factors.
  • Fast postural assessment to ensure the most effective treatment.
  • Remedial massage for all types of muscle and joint pain and headaches and to rebalance the body.
  • Deep tissue massage to loosen tight muscles and joints.
  • Swedish massage for relaxation and stress release.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage to reduce excess fluid and detox.
  • Sports massage to boost sports and exercise performance and injury prevention.
  • Pregnancy massage for any stage of pregnancy.
  • Corporate/chair massage for workplaces.
  • Ear candling for various ear issues.

All REMEDIAL MASSAGE clients receive at least an EXTRA 40-50 minutes FREE with their first one-hour appointment. (See Times and Prices page).

I guarantee to make a significant or at least noticeable difference to your problem areas in just ONE REMEDIAL MASSAGE SESSION or give you a detailed explanation as to why that may not be possible (you may need medical intervention).

DAVID HALL - AT A GLANCE (check other pages for more information)

• Qualified 
- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Certificate IV Training and Assessment (instructor)
 • Professional 
- Remedial Therapist (RT) Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (formerly known as Australian Association of Massage Therapists - AAMT)
- Associate Member of North Queensland Primary Health Network (formerly known as Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local - GP and Allied Health Network)
- Member BNI (Business Networking International) Focus Chapter
• Experienced and competent - 29 years as a therapist (in 2020).
• HICAPS/Health Funds
• Credit Cards/EFTPOS

• Convenient central location with easy street parking

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Did you know?

Every muscle in the body has an OPPOSING MUSCLE. When muscles contract, opposing muscles must release. Muscle pain or soreness often occurs when contracting muscles have to work harder than they should because OPPOSING muscles are too tight.

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