Defence Members Also Need Massage

8 February 2014

Many times over many years I have advocated in various media that Australian Defence Force members should have access to remedial massage as part of their normal health entitlements.

After all, most Defence members work and train harder and longer than most elite athletes, including Olympians, who all seem to recognise the vital part massage plays in their preparation and ongoing success.

But remedial massage is never likely to be made available to regular Defence members – in the same way that medical, surgical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental and podiatry is – because the current outdated system, health policies and “old boy” networks are so entrenched.

However, I continue to have a large and growing client base of current and former Defence members from all three Services who seek treatment privately for a variety of reasons. 

Some are preparing for fitness assessments like BFAs or Special Forces entry tests, some have sore and aching muscles and joints from all their hard training and sporting activities, some need help with injury recovery, some just recognise the value of ongoing treatments and body maintenance, and some find the treatments they receive under their current entitlements just haven’t worked.

But whatever the reason, they recognise that remedial massage is their best option, or it complements other treatments they are entitled to.

In a previous life, I was the founder, owner and editor of the Northern Services Courier Defence community newspaper in Townsville for 18 years until 2006 and in another previous life I was an Army Reserve weekend warrior.

While the paper’s editor, I also visited East Timor within weeks of the Townsville-based 3rd Brigade troops deploying there in late 1999 and saw the conditions in which the troops were working in various parts of the country.

So I have a reasonable knowledge of how the military system operates and the hard physical stresses and strains and hardships Defence personnel often have to endure.

I have been a massage therapist for 23 years (much of it as a professional sideline until 2006 when I sold the newspaper to concentrate full time on massage) and over that entire time I have acquired significant knowledge and skills that many other massage and physical therapists don’t have.

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